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Client Testimonials

"My son has been attending Tracy's since 2011 and I have nothing but good things to say about her. Tracy is considered part of our family and she treats the kids as one of her own. They are always going on outings and experiencing and learning new things each week. Tracy is now helping to prepare my son and a few other children for their JK start in Sept. The communication has always been very open and honest. My son loves Tracy and enjoys being there with his friends each day."
H. Akehurst
"Tracy is beyond wonderful. I can honestly say that she has been nothing but a positive presence in the life of my son. He loves her and so do my husband and I. She provides a nurturing environment with a wide variety of stimulating games and craft activities. She also regularly takes the kids on outings to farms, orchards, parks, play-gyms, sing-alongs, and library story times. I feel very comfortable leaving my little boy in her care everyday. We cannot recommend her enough."
H. Gray

"My son currently attends Teacher?s Helper Home Daycare and absolutely adores Tracy. She is a wonderful childcare provider, and provides on-going information in the form of daily updates about food, activities and even BMs. Tracy also has a monthly e-newsletter that includes pictures, summaries of event and helpful reminders. The amount of activities and outings she does with the children sometimes boggles the mind as we have a hard enough time managing one child let along multiple. As previously mentioned, my son adores Tracy and we would consider Teacher?s Helper his second home. 

Choosing a daycare provider can be a nerveracking experience, however with Tracy you will not regret your decision. I cannot speak highly enough of Tracy and would recommend her to any parent looking for childcare."
Jeremy Q. 

"Leaving your child is a difficult time, and finding that perfect child care provider can often be a very daunting task. My husband and I faced this difficult task in the fall of 2007 for our young son. After interviewing a number of child care providers, we found Tracy and never looked back! We were, and still are, extremely pleased with Tracy, her set up, the activities and outings that she takes the children on, and her overall demeanor. In addition to her wonderful care for our child (and soon to be children), Tracy has often lent an ear when I have had questions regarding my son and has often give great suggestions. Finally, I feel really great about sending my son(s) to Tracy because they really love her, and I feel that she loves them too. I would absolutely recommend Tracy for a child care provider!"

T. Nicol  

"My son currently attends this daycare and absolutely loves it. Tracy is a wonderful childcare provider; she goes out of her way to ensure the needs of the child are met following the parent's wishes. She also provides extremely helpful advice for new parents and she also has a knack for encouraging our son to do things that he may not want to do at home - comes in handy when teaching him to transition from one thing to another. 
My son enjoys all the games, the outings, story time and playing with the other kids. He is very affectionate towards Tracy and very comfortable in her care. I would highly recommend her to any parent looking for alternate care for their child(ren)."


"Words cannot express how grateful we are to have found you to care and watch over our little (son) over the past three years.  We hope he wasn't too difficult of the course of this time and know that he will greatly miss you.  Thank you for all of (his) wonderful art work, outdoor excursions, healthy meals, educational activities and your positive influence on him.  We look forward to having you over on the 17th and anticipate seeing you many times in the future. "


The Vrhovsek family  

"Tracy is a wonderful daycare provider who is caring and nurturing towards my son. She provides a daily creative, fun and safe environment for my son to play and learn in. My son just adores her and rarely wants to leave when I come to pick him up! She keeps an open communication with me about my son's experiences at the daycare every day. My son loves going on the different outings that Tracy takes the kids on and he often comes home with cute, keepsake crafts. I am so happy to have found Tracy to care for my son! Her care and commitment towards my son's growth and well-being is outstanding!"



"Our 1 year old son quickly and easily adjusted to his new environment in Tracy's care and became very close with Tracy and her family.  Tracy makes a special effort to really get to know the children in her care and always took the time to share special moments or concerns she had for the day. She served nutritious lunches and snacks and the children were always busy and active with crafts, field trips, and walks.  It amazed me how she was able to coordinate these activities with children of different ages.  Tracy even established a nap routine with Tyler where I had been unsuccessful for months.  We had complete trust in Tracy in caring for our son - she has a clean, safe home and it was obvious that he had very busy, happy days." 

E. Reinsborough

Hands down the best decision I have ever made!!!! Choosing home daycare and especially that is was with Tracy Bond Skelton was such a positive experience fir us. It was so comforting to know my daughter was being cared in such a wonderful nurturing environment. I was a little jealous at how great my child lunches were over mine and how many outings she would go on each week. My daughter loved every day going to Tracy's and still two years later talks about how much she misses her. Thanks again Tracy for taking care of our little firecracker!

M. Phillips

We definitely recommend Tracy?s for anyone who wants a home environment for their kids. Our daughter LOVES Tracy, and talks about her like family. Lots of time for imaginative play and developing really close friendships. We?re very happy with all of the activities and outings.

D. Woollam

I highly recommend Tracy for childcare. She is warm, caring, friendly and genuinely has the best interests of the children she looks after and their families. My daughter had a wonderful first experience at Tracy?s Daycare.

S. Van Zant 

Tracy provided our daughter with unconditional love and excellent care at her home daycare. She provided the children with many hands on activities and gave them unique experiences to explore out in the community. Time spent outdoors and in nature was valued and made a priority, which we loved. Tracy’s lunches and snacks were home cooked, well balanced and had great variety.

M. Snider