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Childcare Policy Statement 

To ensure that the child's developmental needs are met in a safe, trusting and stimulating environment in which respect, acceptance, caring, empathy and humour are demonstrated to the children.

Behaviour guidance is modelled to help children self-guide themselves.  In order to learn appropriate behaviour, children are shown correct behaviour.  It is also achieved by setting clear, consistent limits.  Reminders, distraction, modelling problem solving, offering appropriate choices, redirection, limiting use of equipment/toys are some of the discipline tools practiced, in addition to time out when others measure fail.

The childcare is play based, believing that children learn in an environment where opportunities for inquisitive play are offered, with a variety of materials that stimulate interest in a variety of areas.


Child care is most effective with open, two-way communication so that the parents and provider are both working toward the same goals, which keeps the best interest of the child in mind.

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