Teachers Helper Home Daycare

Quality home child care in Oakville, Ontario  

A Bit About Teachers Helper Home Childcare

I believe in developing a close bond with the children in my care, and an excellent relationship with their parents. I welcome your children into my home each day, abs I pride myself on knowing that my home is a safe and happy place for them, where they feel that myself and the other children are an extension of their family.

The children learn through a variety of outings and experiences, during which they have opportunity to socialize outside of our small group. The children enjoy outings to several local outdoor parks, walking trails, and green spaces.  As well we often visited library story time, indoor playgrounds, children’s programs and more, previous to Covid.  Attending such programs will be re-assessed in the future. We have seasonal outings to places like apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and children’s zoo’s. The children are busy, stimulated and engaged in an ongoing variety of activities. From story time where the stories are brought to life with materials, to sensory play, the use of STEM learning materials, learning about nature, and plenty of time to just freely play, your child's day here will never be boring.

I pride myself in the meals I provide, freshly prepared home made meals with quality ingredients. Many of our lunches are hot and a variety of foods are served. I don’t provide a set menu of meals because I believe in providing several varying lunch options. I enjoy cooking and I follow my mood and the season with regards to food.   Many items become favourites and those items may be served regularly, but I also add new and interesting foods on occasion to expand the children's tastes.

I believe that children need engaging play experiences that offer learning opportunities, nutritious wholesome food and proper rest.  In addition to receiving loving personal attention your child will grow and thrive here.